Luigino Bolt Boots

October 2, 2016

I started skating Luigino Bolt boots a couple months ago. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again to Adam Bradly of He was super-easy to work with and went out of his way to get these to me.

Let me cover some things about the boots themselves.  They are Chinese-made, lest you think you’re buying “real” Italian Luiginos.  That said, they are extremely comfortable and well-designed. The padding is great, and they’ve done some magic in the carbon fiber to minimize rubbing in the normal hot spots, without sacrificing stiffness.

I’m a size 9 in most shoes, and the 9/41 fit me fine on the left foot.  My toes were cramped on the right foot, but I was able to stretch that boot with a little heat and the right tool.  (One of these days I’ll do a post on my DIY boot customizing tools.)

They have two mounting slots for the front mount. Once you know which one your going to use, you need to pop the mounting nut out in the other slot (there’s a youtube for this). If you don’t remove it, the rattling will make you crazy.

I did a general heat-molding, and then had to deal with hot-spots. This is normal, for me at least. My middle toes are longer than my big toe, my right foot is 5 or so mm longer than my left foot, my “ankle bones” seem to be in a non-standard location, and my navicular bones stick out enough to be a problem in every boot I’ve owned. In Bonts, for example, I have to spend a few hours flattening out the ankle-bone pocket and moving it almost 3cm forward.  I haven’t don that in the Bolt’s yet, but my inner ankle bone is almost 2cm further forward than the last the boots were built on.

The strap is an interesting pieces of engineering. They’ve redesigned the “buckle” to work more smoothly than anything I’ve seen. You can push down on the top to release it, and it releases very cleanly. Have you had the experience of fighting with the strap release at the end of a long skate? These things are the cure!

So far I have exactly one complaint about the skates, and it also has to do with the strap. The strap and release screw to plastic pieces that are sewn, and no doubt glued, on to the boot. But the inside strap mounts are almost exactly centered on my navicular bone bump-outs. Heat molding is a challenge, because the plastic softens up more than the carbon fiber. And I have to put my hot-spot-eliminator clamp directly on top of the inside strap mount.  This cracked the plastic mounts, which probably doesn’t bode well for their longevity.  I’ll update you as I see how they’re doing.

Bottom line?  I give them a qualified two thumbs-up.  If you don’t have the navicular-bump problem, these may well be the best non-custom boots on the market.

skatelog: 2014-03-01

March 1, 2014

I’ve been busy working on a project, but managed to get out for a quick once-around-the-lake (White Rock Lake, 9 miles) on Thursday and Friday. 

And today (Saturday) I skated Campion with a group Wolfgang Rosenfeldt got together.  Several new or new-ish skaters, and Tiffany brought her boys Kieren and Kaidan on scooters.  We did 11.5 miles (Alec Bollorino is a beast, btw), then went for lunch and good conversation at Sweet Tomatoes.  I needed more miles so went back after lunch for another 14.  Campion is really refreshing after the crowds on Katy, and the very rough parts of White Rock.


25 miles for March
286 miles for 2014
183.0 lbs. (goal: 170) – I have lost zero lbs so far this year – a very bad thing

skatelog: 2014-02-20

February 24, 2014

I messed up on Saturday by eating at Sweet Georgia Browns.  SGB’s is the kind of place that would be great if you only planned on eating one meal a week.  They serve generous portions of barbeque, and all the plates come with three sides – any one of which would make a full meal.  I ate there for lunch, didn’t eat dinner, and was still four pounds heavier on the scale the next morning.

It was tasty though.

And, back to skating.  It turned a bit cooler today, and rain is expected tomorrow, so probably not much skating until Friday. I did 14 miles last Friday, and again on Sunday, on Katy Trail.  I really did try to make myself skate after the big meal on Saturday too, but I think I was in a food coma.  Finally,  I did 9 today around White Rock.  It was about 55F/13C, which should be fine for February, but the string of 70F days has ruined my perspective. I was a little over 12 m.p.h. on the miles today.  I typically average over 13, and I’m happy when I’m over 14, but at least I’m improving.  I need 14 less pounds and at least 2 more miles per hour by summer.  I’ve been doing intervals on the uphill side of Katy, which is hopefully helping.  I read First Loser’s interview with Renee Hildebrand, and that was probably the only thing that motivated me to skate at all today.  .

Part of the strap broke on my Pinnacle boots late last year, requiring re-sewing, and I haven’t sent them off for repairs yet.  They don’t fit me that well, and they seem to not be heat moldable at all. That puts me back in my ancient Bonts, which isn’t a good thing.  They’re okay the first 3 or 5 miles, but then start flopping back and forth each push as the weight shifts from the outer edge to the inner one.  Meaning, in short, that they kill any semblance of good technique.  I’m planning on new boots of some kind – probably not expensive – in the next few weeks; then complete skates by summer.

152 miles for January
243 miles for 2014
184.2 lbs. – blame it on Sweet Georgia Browns (goal: 170 lbs,)

skatelog: 2014-02-20

February 21, 2014

Skated 14 miles Tuesday, took Wednesday off, and then another 28 on Thursday.  Still enjoying the early spring weather – though it’s been quite windy.  Most days have been 15 m.p.h., with gusts to 25 or 30.  I should easily get 150 miles this month.  200 in February would be over the top!

Two women who’d recently moved to Dallas asked me about Katy Trail and “Does it go anywhere?”, and about other exercise trails around town.  I’m pretty sure I sounded like a tour guide.  Kind of scary how many trails I’ve skated in the DFW metroplex.

115 miles for January
206 miles for 2014
182 lbs.  (goal: 170 lbs,)

skatelog: 2014-02-17

February 17, 2014

Skated the last 4 days, and tomorrow looks promising.  Big “woot!” for a great February in Dallas.  Bad news: I’m adding weight when I want to be removing it.  How can this be?

  • 73 miles for January
  • 164 miles for 2014
  • 184 lbs.  (goal: 170 lbs,)

skatelog: 2014-01-23

January 23, 2014

I did 14 miles each on Sunday and Monday, and it’s too cool today to get out there today, so I though I’d catch the log up.  In other news, I switched from Endomondo to Runtastic for tracking runs.  It does a heat map of the session based on speed or pace, which doesn’t do that much on Katy Trail, but would be good on White Rock Lake or other skates.

  • 70 miles for January
  • 70 miles for 2014
  • 182 lbs.  (goal: 170 lbs,)

skatelog: 2014-01-01

January 1, 2014

It was rather windy today – 15 mph SSW with gusts to 35 – but the temprature was over 60 degrees (F) so I had to skate. Four laps on Katy Trail, which is more protected from the wind than most places.  The New-Years-resolution-keepers were out in force, which slowed things down quite a bit.  Still, 28 warm miles on January 1st sounds like a good day to me.

  • 28 miles for the day.
  • 28 miles for January
  • 28 miles for 2014
  • 181 lbs.  (goal: 170 lbs,)

skatelog: 2013-12-26

December 26, 2013

It was just over 50 degrees F. today so I took a lap around White Rock just at sunset.  9.1 miles, Average speed 11.6.  I somehow felt freezing all the way around and was quite happy to get back in the car..

9.1 miles for the day.  79.6 miles for December

183 lbs.  goal: 170 lbs, I have a short-term goal of being at or under 180 on January 1. 

skatelog: 2013-12-17

December 18, 2013

One lap around White Rock this afternoon.  It was sunshine, no breeze, and 70 degrees.  Hard to find a better day in December!  9.2 miles, Average speed 11.8.  Fastest mile was an abysmal 4:38.  It’s not quite as bad as it sounds, since White Rock has 2 miles of really rough asphalt, and there is a sand on the bridges right now from the ice storm last week. 

It’s still slow, though.

Also did the Pegasus Flyers Tuesday Night Skate (12 miles)

21 miles for the day.  70.5 miles so far for December (not great, but not bad for December)

180 lbs.  goal: 170 lbs, I’m probably a little dehydrated.  I have a short-term goal of being at or under 180 on January 1.  As the weather gets better in the spring it should be easy enough to drop back down to a good weight.

skatelog: 2013-12-16

December 16, 2013

One lap around White Rock this afternoon.  9.25 miles, Average speed 11.5.  Fastest mile was an abysmal 4:46.

Went to Fuzzy Dave and Donna’s Christmas party last night.  Unloaded a very cheesy rabbit angel statue at the gift exchange and came out with a nice Christmas candle.  I apologize to the guy who got the rabbit.

Johnny Chen asked if I was interested in doing the A to A next fall.  The answer is “yes”, of course, but we’ll see how the year goes.


(183 lbs.  goal: 170 lbs)